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Advancing from Auctioneer to Connoisseur (ID Selfie Authentication)

To apply for promotion to the "Connoisseur" rank, you need to confirm that your PlayMiner Rank is "Auctioneer" and must also prepare an ID. Be sure to prepare 3 types of images: "ID Selfie", a picture of your ID's "picture page", and "another document of your choice".
โ€œID Selfieโ€ is a photo taken of yourself with your ID.
After logging in, if you "apply" in the Profile at My Page, a screen about the registration flow will be displayed.
Proceed to STEP1, and enter all of the required fields. Please make sure that the information on your ID matches the information entered.
In the following STEP2, please upload the 3 types of images: "ID Selfie", "face photo page" of your ID, and "another document of your choice".
Finally, on the confirmation screen of STEP3, please double check the details and photos you entered for any mistakes, then "apply" to complete your application.
Application details will be reviewed and you will be advanced to the rank of "Connoisseur" if there are no problems. It can take up to 2 business days to review an application.
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