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Listing Process

Select “Exhibit” from the header menu.
Enter the information required for the listing.

Selection of NFT to sell

Click on the link that says "Select NFT" to see a list of NFTs you own, and select the one you want to sell.

Selection of listing method

You can choose from two selling methods: blind auction and prompt decision sale.

enter price

Enter the starting price of the auction if you selected blind auction as the selling method, or enter the auction price if you selected quick sale.
Each NFT has its own minimum trading price, and you cannot trade at a price lower than that.
Therefore, the starting price and the immediate settlement price of the auction should be set above the minimum transaction price.

Confirmation of listing fee

Please read the instructions carefully before you sell your items.

Setting the listing period

Set the period you want to list. It can be set up to 168 hours (1 week).
When you have finished selecting NFTs and entering the required information, click the “confirm" button to go to the confirmation screen.
After confirming the terms and conditions on the confirmation screen and checking the guidelines, click the “submit" button to complete the submission.
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